Local Company Working to Stop Coronavirus

MRI Global is working to help develop a vaccine for coronavirus, and is also studying other methods to contain its spread. MRI also designed one of the specialized containment units used to transport 14 U.S. citizens who tested positive for coronavirus back to the U.S. from the cruise ship quarantined off of the coast of Japan. Reddit has posted a complete question and answer with MRI on its work with the coronavirus.

Here are some important take-aways from their answers:

> We have been tracking COVID-19 since the end of December '19. There is no need to panic, just prepare, wash your hands, and take care of your health.

> Reinfection is unlikely with natural infection. There are two main methods of gaining immunity: one is through vaccines and the other is your body's natural response to the disease.

> COVID-19 is obviously a big problem, but it will come and it will go.

> Most people that end up in the hospital with severe complications are older and typically have co-morbidities. Until there is more epidemiological testing done, we won't know the infection rate in children. Most people will have a mild infection, much like a cold, and may never be tested for COVID-19.

> Symptoms of COVID-19 are mild to moderate in healthy adults. Many may not realize they have anything more than a cold or flu.