Local Governments Issue Stay at Home Orders

Today we will be receiving the official “shelter at home” order from the Johnson County and Wyandotte County Kansas, and Jackson County Missouri governments. Yesterday the city of Kansas City issued its order in that regard. It is anticipated that the orders to be issued today will be substantially identical to that issued by Kansas City.

The professional services which we provide for our clients fall within the definition of “Essential Businesses” and as such we will be maintaining our regular business hours, and will be available at other times as well by appointment or to address urgent matters arising outside of business hours. We are available by telephone, video conferencing, email and texting. We will also continue our use of various technologies which we utilize in our practice to facilitate our services, such as electronic document sharing via DropBox.

We will be issuing advisory alerts as to the general application of the new laws and restrictions, and how they might affect your personal life and business operations. Please let us know if you have specific questions as to you or your business, such as the effect of the changes made by the Family First Coronavirus Response Act which amended the Family and Medical Leave Act and added the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, which covers paid leave to employees with COVID-19 or caring for others with it.

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